About Us

Our Mission

At Xmas Pros, our mission is to provide you with a tailored and memorable Christmas lighting experience. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, or city planner, Xmas Pros can fit any size job with a custom-made package. 

Professional Christmas Lighting on home and walkway.
Home and Palm Trees decorated with Professional Christmas Lighting

Our Story

Xmas Pros is the latest development in our long history within the lighting industry. Owner & Operator, Dale Bonn, first began his holiday lighting business in 2000, when he decided to apply the same drive that lead him to a national mountain biking title to providing unparalleled value to his clients. Now, almost 20 years later Brite Star Lighting is dedicated to the same personable and cooperative customer service that allowed for our initial success. We’ve recently made the decision to separate our distinguished event lighting brand from our holiday lighting brand, so that we may provide specialized service to every one of our clients. Whether you contact us through Xmas Pros or Brite Star Lighting, we guarantee the highest quality products and services..